Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers $1,000,000

dorthys slippers

Dorothy’s lost slippers, $1,000,000.

A Glass slipper, a kingdom.

theasured shoe box
Perfect Shoes that fit, Your TREASURE.


Happy New Year! What are you taking with you? What do you plan to do?

The year is ending and as I reflect back to the way things were and how I wish they should have been, I am Thankful for all that I have. I have learned that God does provide for the things that you need. Not for what you want or desire to happen within your life. That is up to you and God’s grace within your life. Expectations though great to have can become disappointments if you don’t succeed. I had goals set last year and meet only half of them, albeit they were few, but feel that they still are attainable so I will carry those forward with me into this New Year as well as the memories of times and people from the past who have touched me and helped me to grow stronger within my faith. Thank you for my friends and family that help to make my life easier and my traveled road interesting enough to write a book about it! Even though my life is by far less than glamorous, it does reveal God’s infinite grace that I have received over theses past 60 plus years. Life may not be what you had expected it to be, but may I remind you the importance of carrying with you the Love from Christ and sharing that love to others no matter how small of an action you take. Be a treasure to others so they can make and witness treasures of their own. Lets be kinder to one another in our daily doings and witness what beautiful fruits become of it! Love to all and have a Happy New Year!

Look up my lil pumpkin! What is your favorite Halloween movie?

dorothy and scarecrow 6-5-14My favorite Halloween movie is the ole classic “The Wizard of Oz! Don’t forget to watch this classic Halloween movie! I am looking up hoping that a tornado doesn’t appear out of nowhere! And praying that a house does not land on top of me! If it does,I have faith that I will find those shiny red slippers or by the grace of God they will find me!

My book, “What Are Your Treasures?” is moving forward! Down the yellow brick road we go!  I am working on  the publication process with West Bow Press! Yes, I do talk too much! What woman doesn’t? And yes I do have a brain! I just lost it for a little while! Or was it just miss placed? Ha ha ha! The scare crow is my favorite character, He is searching for a brain! He is more than a rag doll made of straw. I love the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” An inspiring song as Dorthy searches for her own piece of Heaven.! She is finding treasures as she walks down the yellow brick road! If you are stuck on ides for a costume,the movie has a wealth of them. Watch out my little pumpkins!

Want you share and tell me about your favorite Halloween movie??

Heaven! What does your heaven look like?

Are you preparing for Heaven? Hoping to find treasures there? What does  your Heaven look like?

We all know the story but do we really believe? I mean really within our hearts? Do you really believe? I most certainly do! Other people ask me if I am afraid of dying. I tell them no, that I am not afraid, I have never been afraid, but in my early past I have been curious. I already know where I am going. That what I saw there, in Heaven, was not a dream. What I witnessed of Heaven,  that place we all call paradise, and the warmth of love and joy that I felt from JESUS, and his extreme brilliance, will remain with me forever. I observed many wonderious treasures  on my  visit there. I was tested  and received Grace and wonderious, overpowering Love! You see when I was 19 years old I was not expecting to die on that fateful day!  I was not expecting to witness JESUS and that place we all call Paradise. The really funny and strange part was that JESUS told me HE wasn’t expecting to see me either! At least not quite so soon!  Wow! You can’t imagine what I was feeling and thinking when HE told me that!  Then HE said to me “not to worry that HE had a place for me come and follow.” I felt like that I was an unannounced guest that just stopped by for a short visit! I realized that I was not ready to be in Heaven at 19 years old! That I wanted to experience more of life here on Earth. To do more and to grow closer to Christ! When I expressed this to JESUS, HE gave me Grace and allowed me to come back! I am now transformed in knowing that my purpose in life has significance; there is a reason why I witnessed all that I observed. With Easter just around the corner, I have to ask again are you prepared for Heaven?


What Are Your Treasures?

crown heart (3)

What kind of gems,or stones,do you find in your life?

     My Daddy used to say that life is like a bed of roses: Bittersweet! I on the other hand do find that life is indeed hard but with the guidance of Jesus I have discovered many unexpected and amazing gems! Your road in life may be difficult enduring many stones and boulders along your path. You might even feel that these roads that you are traveling on have become too challenging or even demanding and you just want to toss in the towel and give up! When you find yourself at the lowest point give it all to Jesus! Release your control in order for the righteous moment to happen! I have found within my own life that when I give all of my self to Jesus, THE GOOD AND THE BAD: COUNTING MY BLESSINGS,  that through prayer with thanksgiving in my heart my life miraculously becomes better! I discover the beautiful blue gems that were there for me all along to uncover and enjoy the surprises of joy and love. Please share with me your undiscovered treasures as you traveled your rocky road.