Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers $1,000,000

dorthys slippers

Dorothy’s lost slippers, $1,000,000.

A Glass slipper, a kingdom.

theasured shoe box
Perfect Shoes that fit, Your TREASURE.


If Disney princess’ were real who would you be? And Why?

FairyGodmother and Cinderella

Fairy tales can come true! It can happen to you!  I would be a Cinderella,with a scarecrow brain! My life story “What Are Your Treasures?” may read like a fairytale but let me assure you that even fairy tales don’t always end like we think they should.  The Oscars remind me that even the unknowns can find their glass slipper if they have faith to persevere or if they are lucky enough to have a Fairy God Mother bestowing that miraculous support. Some times real life may read like a fairytale but in reality it is the treasures that you discover within your life that bring the meaning of life to the forefront. How you act and what you do with your actions tells the real story. Whether it be play acting as in the movies or in the real life scenes of life’s struggles, we all become actors. We all have Fairy God Mothers if we know how to seek for them. We don’t need a magic wand to find one or be one. Are you the treasured Fairy God Mother to someone?