The Body of Christ

Let’s keep this glowing ball of light rolling!


The color of Choice! Are you seeing the Light? Or are you blind?

InIight of recent events, I Hope we all begin to realize that the choices we make have consequences.  Life is not meant to be easy, Life is a journey of choices. Are you choosing the right choice?  The choice that is meant for good and the betterment of others? Are you thinking of others as you make your choice? Or are you selfish and self centered. You may be going through a bad time in your life. Possibly needing some guidance, and struggling for an answer to the dilemma. Are you seeking a Godly answer?  Or are you blaming?  The attitude we choose to solve a situation or problem in our lives is a choice. What color of choices are you choosing?

Happy 4th! Exploading the Dog Days of Summer

dalmation explosion

Explosions! Don’t be surprised!  It’s just what we expect for the 4th of July! Do you find your life exploding around you? Are you reflecting on it? Not sure what is happening and why it is happening? Are you seeking help? What kind of help are you seeking? Are you praying about it? I hope you are seeking a Godly solution. We all have explosions in our life! Unexpected events that will either tear us apart or bring us together. We chose how we handle it!  Don’t be bitter and ugly. Let’s be positive about the unexpected explosions  that occur within our lives. Maybe there is a Godly reason for the event? Maybe it is sent to you from above as a treasure for you to grow closer with the Lord! Seek and you shall find!

Hopefully your explosions are joyous ones. Unexpected but Joyous explosions are meant to bring growth with the Lord, as they bear much fruit. The fruit of spiritual Joy as we celebrate this Independence Day will draw us closer to dependance on the Lord. John 15:1-13  So have a Happy 4th of July- Enjoy your independence as others envy your kind of Joy and seek to destroy it.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

May the Peace of contentment and Love follow you wherever you go!