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Life changes: Don’t let life bug you!

animals-fly-insect-bug-mate-mates-jdo0501lThis is your time and it feels normal to you, but really, there is no normal. There’s only change and resistance to it and then more change.
Meryl Streep, Barnard Commencement Speech, 2010
US actress (1949 – )

In regards to this quote: In my book I talk about the inevitable changes in life.You either take control, or don’t take control. But you must choose how you handle it. Either you make the change yourself so you can have partial control as you don’t know how that change will affect you or you can do nothing and it will control you. God has given you a choice unlike this insect. In perspective it is all about which side of the windshield your own. Do you see your life from inside the windshield or outside of the windshield? You Choose!