Seeds of change

Sometimes in life, you have to go back to the beginning in order to understand the end. The colorful seeds of your actions will produce beautiful treasures.
Won’t you join me and “Be a Treasure, Make a Treasure, Find a Treasure, Give a Treasure, Witness a Treasure, and Embrace a Treasure.” Before we reap a harvest, the seed must be scattered. Before there is fruit, we must water!  It’s a way of life that will add many blessings to your family’s life and your own. You don’t want to miss it, and be the one forgotten or left behind! No one likes to carry their own boots and saddle during life’s difficult journeys. “What Are Your Treasures?” Look for it on Amazon. Available in e-book, paper back and hard copy! A near Death experience that will blow your mind in miraculous connections and re connections. A true Cinderella fairy tale that doesn’t end like you think it should! Think of the movies “WIZARD Of OZ, Three Coins in a Fountain and the Way We Were”12 -12- 16 wayt 161212 book cover.jpg book cover amozon


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