Through back Thursday! Who do you think you are?



What ever we think we are or aspire to be we should always be looking to better ourselves .Being stagnant in life is no way to live. If you find your self stuck in a rut, Seek and you shall find a better way. Always seek His guidance first if you become dissatisfied. Be patient, and listen for his answer. Life is not determined by what you are it is determined by what you seek! Be a gem so that You can become the diamond in His eye!

I am reminded of my DAD, an excerpt from WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES?

Perfect Diamonds in the Works:

My Daddy used to call us “diamonds in the rough”. It was an endearment that he often used. It meant that we were unfinished, that we had hidden qualities and exceptional characteristics in our future potential, but currently lack the final touches that would make us the perfect jewel. But, nonetheless we were precious, in his eyes. I feel that is how GOD sees all of us. A rough diamond, needing to be formed and shaped in order to become that perfect gem to fit His purpose for each and every one of us. I believe that HE has a divine plan for all of us. HE desires for us to become the perfect jewel for HIS purpose.     The following events and the aftermath of recovery that I experienced, lead me to believe that GOD guides or leads us to the path or roads HE wants us to take. We choose how we handle it. The choices we make have implications, but only God has the power to choose how and if He wants to implement them.Let’s not choose to do it our own way, Instead choose HIS chosen path.Lets learn to listen for His will within our lives and not our own! i challenge you to Become that diamond in his eye!


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