Hidden Treasures: The prized egg! an Easter memory

easter_tree_04Easter what does it mean to you?    What memories do you have?

As a child I loved to hunt for the Easter eggs that my parents so lovingly hid for us. There were seemingly hundreds to hunt for as I was not the only child looking for the precious eggs. My parents would hide them in unusual places, not easily seen by the naked eye of a young child. Inevitably there would always be a few eggs that weren’t discovered until long after Easter was over. These were the surprise eggs, the unexpected in life. To discover these treasures that had survived the elements, reminds me that not all treasures are meant to be realized on our time but all in His time. I want to encourage you this Easter to seek out your treasures. And in so doing I hope that you will discover as I did that To Be a Treasure, Make a Treasure, Find a Treasure, Give a Treasure, Witness a Treasure, and Embrace a Treasure.” is a way of life that will add many blessings to your family’s life and others that you encounter. You don’t want to miss it, and be the one forgotten or left behind!  This Easter discover the real meaning of Christ and place your trust in the one that always delivers on His promises.  I want to encourage you to share your treasures! Happy Easter Everyone!


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