Hidden Treasures: The prized egg! an Easter memory

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March MADNESS? Where are You in Achieving your Goals?

2 march-madness-most-anticipated-event-in-college-sports-large-7 for blog   What kind of Madness are you in? ARE YOU MAD about your life?  Are you mad in Love? Or Are you Mad with the world? Are you Mad as Hell and not going to take it any more? Are you green with envy? What choices did you make in college? Was it the right choice? Did your choice help you or defeat you? Did it move you up the bracket? Would you make the same choice again or recommend your choice? Do you feel secure in your choice? Have you prayed about it?

Sharknado: The dangers of sharks in our enviroment

Great White Shark Opening MouthSharks, there are all kinds of dangerous sharks but the most dangerous are the human kind. You don’t want to be the shark in your or someone’s life. Don’t let the sharks create tension and danger in your life where you become distracted from your family, friends or church. Can you protect yourself from the sharks? Is there a shield you can use?  Instead  spend your time in a constructive manner by making positive influences in yourself and others. Tell me what chunks of life the sharks have eaten away from you. How do you intend to heal these wounds?