What is whispering in your ear?

This is amazing! Please enjoy, oh and by the way the only glass music that I have ever had a hand in is myIMG_0023 collection of glass bottles that sing there sweet music when the wind blows through them! Thank you Isabel for helping me to assemble


Choosing life! Will you let a miracle happen? In order to find Treasures?

I was touched yesterday morning by the woman who was experiencing a terminal disease and contemplated taking her life. A miracle happened when God stepped in and brought forth the treasures in her life for all to see! It appeared that she had made the righteous decision and  let God take control, and not take her own life. You can imagine my disappointment when this morning I heard on the news that she ended up taking her own life in spite of the previous decision. We  all at one time or another will face a trail in our life.We can’t choose the path that God has set before us. Life is not meant to be easy. We have a choice. Her public decision to choose life instead of giving up and committing suicide, is the righteous solution  to life’s difficult troubles. When you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation don’t take the easy way by committing suicide. Begin by  taking one step at a time by taking one day at a time. I’m comforted in knowing that her loved ones were present when she passed. They have my deepest sympathy. The decision was her’s to make. It saddens me deeply of the missed opportunity to pass forward to others the hope and trust of our Lord. That He will not give you more than you can handle. His strength is what we must lean on when we are wavering in our trails, as she obviously was wavering. The treasures that she could have passed forward to others is now lost. We don’t know what treasures she has passed forward to others but I know that in the way she passed, by taking her own life instead of letting Jesus make that decision that there were missed treasures for her and possibly others that she impressed upon.