Look up my lil pumpkin! What is your favorite Halloween movie?

dorothy and scarecrow 6-5-14My favorite Halloween movie is the ole classic “The Wizard of Oz! Don’t forget to watch this classic Halloween movie! I am looking up hoping that a tornado doesn’t appear out of nowhere! And praying that a house does not land on top of me! If it does,I have faith that I will find those shiny red slippers or by the grace of God they will find me!

My book, “What Are Your Treasures?” is moving forward! Down the yellow brick road we go!  I am working on  the publication process with West Bow Press! Yes, I do talk too much! What woman doesn’t? And yes I do have a brain! I just lost it for a little while! Or was it just miss placed? Ha ha ha! The scare crow is my favorite character, He is searching for a brain! He is more than a rag doll made of straw. I love the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” An inspiring song as Dorthy searches for her own piece of Heaven.! She is finding treasures as she walks down the yellow brick road! If you are stuck on ides for a costume,the movie has a wealth of them. Watch out my little pumpkins!

Want you share and tell me about your favorite Halloween movie??


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