The color of Choice! Are you seeing the Light? Or are you blind?

InIight of recent events, I Hope we all begin to realize that the choices we make have consequences.  Life is not meant to be easy, Life is a journey of choices. Are you choosing the right choice?  The choice that is meant for good and the betterment of others? Are you thinking of others as you make your choice? Or are you selfish and self centered. You may be going through a bad time in your life. Possibly needing some guidance, and struggling for an answer to the dilemma. Are you seeking a Godly answer?  Or are you blaming?  The attitude we choose to solve a situation or problem in our lives is a choice. What color of choices are you choosing?


What kind of spiritual color are you?

Colors! Your spiritual color. How you act or react determines a lot about you! As you go about your daily life think of yourself in colors! Are you a rainbow of colors? Do you have many emotions throughout your day? Or do you remain a shade of one color throughout? Be a Treasure, Earn a Treasure, Make a Treasure, Give a Treasure, Witness a Treasure, and Embrace a Treasure! As your child starts school instill within him or her a heart of color. It is an enriching experience that will grow with in their souls for a lifetime. Teach your children well. It’s a way of life that will add many blessings to your and your family’s life! You don’t want to miss it and be the only one left behind! Continue reading