Words > Actions -or- Words < Actions

what you do with your life far out ways what you plan or say you will do as those words are just words not actions until you just do it! The power is in the action not the word!

lets live forever

Actions -or- Words

Fortunately… or unfortunately however you want to look at it, your words are only words. Now I know that life and death are in the power of the tongue… but if you’re actions don’t align with your words, how powerful can they be? I don’t think we realize how much power our words and actions contain when they are working together, at your will you can become the next John Green, or the next Amelia Earhart… the next Justin Bieber if you will. Before you know it, you could be on top of the world or on the bottom. It has been brought to my attention that words don’t mean much unless they are backed up with actions. I may have said certain things I wanted to change about myself, but without any effort to make those changes, how am I supposed to get there? I can’t…

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One thought on “Words > Actions -or- Words < Actions

  1. Actions without words are the most confusing of all, as without the word it is left up to the receiver of the action to determine what the message in the action is meant to be! Or What you should do with it? Suicide with out a word is a good example. How tragic it is to die and not have a meaning, to let others interpret what you were afraid to say without a word.

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