Where am I ?

I am on the road to Heaven, in the midst of fulfilling my purpose in life, seeking and finding treasures along the way.

Unknown Chaos


Where am I
Where am I now
Cold Sighs, Fear, Happiness, unknown roads
Some untold moments, Promises,
Somewhere among all these
Where am I

Even I had to walk on this road, in this direction
This was my road as well, somewhere here
Among the Diversions of problems
Engulfed on this road,
Where am I

Where am I, at this moment
Where am I

Lost among these fluffy clouds
Just like cold winter winds,
Neither trying to look what I have left back nor trying to look at whats coming next,
Questioning myself
where am I

Among the buried memories, wishes
Among the strong desires, weak tries
Somewhere among them
Where am I

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